Graphite & Carbon Products was incorporated on
October 16,1973.

It's initial business model was to serve the local steel industry in Birmingham Alabama with reconditioned graphite electrodes. The market of remachining graphite electrodes slowed as more sophisticated mini-mills were constructed in the 1970s, reducing the availability of large machinable graphite waste.

In the early 1980s GCP diversified its products portfolio and became the first company in the United States to import new graphite electrodes for steel and iron production. While this innovation proved difficult, it layed the ground work for who we are today.

Utilizing contacts made in the business of importing graphite electrodes, GCP began to resource granular graphite and granular graphitized carbon products for its customers. Focusing on the high carbon graphitic market initally, GCP devised a unique process which created multiple types of recarburizers in various mesh sizes, creating the most diversified line-up of recarburizer available.

We have propritary processes and state-of-the-art processing which ensure you the customer ideal tap to tap consistency. From an Iron Foundry recarburizer to steel mill ladle carbon, paper bags to supersacks, blow trucks to barge quantity, we are the source for all your graphite and carbon needs.