Delivering superior products which utilize Graphite & Carbon Products' long history of expertise,efficiency,and quality is our corporate mission. Our management is comitted to implementing and maintaining a documented quality system. Our quality system complies with the international standards of Quality Management Systems and provides comprehensive evidence to all customers,suppliers and employees of what specific controls are implemented to ensure product quality. GCP establishes annual key initiatives which include quality objectives. The objectives are established via Management Review Procedure and communicated to all levels of our organization. Quality objectives are measurable and include business performance indicators reflecting the requirements of our products. We are consistent with the quality policy including the commitment to continous improvement.

Graphite & Carbon Products' reputation for service,quality and economy, and the firms which represent us along with their technical capabilities are unsurpassed. We work closely on innovative product devolopment,quality issues and application strategies to bring the next generation of solutions to our industry.It is our desire that this combination of resources will positively impact the future of our metals industry.