Graphite & Carbon Products has been a leading resource for carbon products since 1973. We have researched and isolated the finest sources of raw materials throughout the world. The centerpiece of our carbon products line is our ability to purify carbon via graphitization. We can manufacture any type of carbon to meet the specifications of of our customers. We have the exact materials for applications in:

  • Gray Iron Foundries
  • Ductile Iron Foundries
  • Steel Charge Carbon
  • LMF Trim Carbon
  • All Economy Application

GCP materials are manufactured in state of the art electrical calcining furnaces and electrically graphitizing furnaces. These process controls give you performance you can depend on day to day and tap to tap. Let our processing personnel help deliver our uncompromising quality and consistency using:

  • Worldwide Resourcing
  • State of the art electrical purification
  • Formulation reliability
  • Accurate weight controls
  • 100 % On-Time delivery
  • Technical Assistance you can trust

Put any of our carbon products to the test. You will find on a performance basis that GCP carbon products offer you the consistent results your melting operation demands.